• Kalle Lasn receives the Cologne Thumper 2007

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Kalle Lasn, founder of the famous Adbusters magazine and author of books such as »Culture Jam« and »Design Anarchy« has been awarded with the Cologne Thumper 2007.

    The »Cologne Thumper« is the only design award that is issued by students. The list of winners is quite respectable: James Auger, Erik Spiekermann or even John Maeda are amongst the winners. A special issue is that it is only given to the winner if he comes to Cologne and physically receives it.

    This year for the first time the students made an exemption to the iron rule, because a close family member of Kalle Lasn got seriously sick. They found a compromise: Kalle Lasn was attending the award night through 4 video messages.

    I am really happy that something like this award exists and it's interesting to see that especially responsible design was awarded in the last years. Here's a link to the video messages that Kalle Lasn sent in for the night..

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