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    As in any era or any field education is always of significance .........what is taught is as important as how it is taught. As far as content is concerned constant questioning is always essential to prevent stagnation of thought and in renewal process of old ideas. While the technique of imparting education goes with advent of new technology it has become easier to get the point across but sometimes the medium becomes more overpowering than the subject which can be digressive and may also create wrong ideals in the mind of the student.

  • Yes, it is a big risk. Not to mention the big amount of people who study communication, or who work in the communication industry and who do not have anything to communicate. Some media are so fascinating that they make people forget what they have to say, if they have something to say. The result is a medium that speaks of itself, and I think this could be called information pollution.Teachers have a big responsibility and a big occasion to catch.

  • I do agree with need of constant questioning of what we have been learning and the need of timely renewal of the subject and the methodology of teaching. Advancement of technological brilliance helping us in so many ways but it will never overpower the human thoughts or the medium.

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