• User Testing

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    I will be going into an OATSNY class, before or after, to do user testing. I am looking to get 4 individuals, 2 male and 2 female, to test a physical prototype for readability, visual comprehension, ergonomics, and intuition of design.

    I want to make sure...

    1) Everything is clearly legible 2) The device is not intimidating and is easy to figure out how to use, even without a manual (since I can always add a manual in later) 3) I want to make sure the product is physically easy to hold and use

    While I'm doing this user testing to see how well this product meshes with the user's physical sense I will also be getting feedback on whether this product is something they would actually use, I'll ask about their interest in health and how important it is to them, how much they exercise, and if they keep track of that exercise in any way.

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