• User Testing Scenario


    Who will be the users for your first test?

    The users for my first test will be a small group of autistic children. I think it will be most effective to test each user individually first, so that they can be taught how to use the device.

    What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype? Will they be selected randomly in a public place?

    I will need to work with the teachers from the institutions in order to select appropriate candidates for user testing. Ideally, I would like to test students that perform different stereotypic behaviours to see if a particular device works for them best, whether they all work equally, or whether they do not work at all.

    Will they be a controlled group selected by your NFP or yourself?

    It will be a controlled group selected by my NFP. Most likely, the NFP will identify students that it feels are best suited to the user testing.

    If a control group, will you use them for all 3 tests?

    I would like to use the same students for all three tests because it will take some time for them to learn how to use the device. I think it would be most effective to see a progression of use over time, so that I could see if the students became more comfortable/less comfortable using the device after each testing session.

    What type of environment will you test them in?

    I will be testing them in their school environment. There is an OT (occupational therapy) instructor that has her own room where the students learn specific motor-related skills. Personally I think that would be the most effective testing site, but I need to speak to my NFP to see if they recommend doing testing in the regular classroom or in the OT room.

    What does the environment have to have (equipment, space requirements, etc) for you to conduct your test?

    The only extraneous thing I will need in the environment is rewards for the children. When they are taught a new skill, it is usually repeated over and over again, and rewarded when completed correctly. Each student has different rewards, but the most common one is food. Some students prefer being rewarded with time to do something they really enjoy doing (ex. colouring, drawing, etc).

    Have you found the space? If not, do you have leads for space that meets your requirements?

    The space will be within the school, but I need to speak to the OT instructor to see whether her space is available. I have set up a meeting for next week to discuss space and the testing process.

    Will you or someone else administer your test?

    I will have more complete information when I speak with the OT instructor, but I think that she will have to be the one administering my test.

    What type of relationship do you need with NFP and users to conduct your test?

    I think that trust is the most important thing I need between my NFP, my users, and potentially the parents of the users is trust. If there is trust between all of us, then everyone will be more open to the user testing experience.

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