• User Testing Scenario

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    1. Who will be the users for your 1st test?

    The user for my 1st user testing will be Asian food delivery cyclists who can provide me input from their own experience and knowledge.

    a. What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype?

    The criterion for my user testing is that all food delivery cyclists I invite have to work in Asian food restaurants because that is where my focuses are. I tried to contact the food deliverymen that I have constantly contact with (3~5 of them) for the reason that they not only know what I am doing (talked with them) but also they are better at (several years of experiences on making delivery) and generous on providing information and design ideas. I will invite them to join other tests but also have some other food deliverymen for fresh ideas and opinions.

    b. What type of environment will you test them in?

    The test will be conducted on my bicycle to show the testing group how the product works. The group can also sit on the bike to feel how the bag will affect/ enhance the riding experience.

    2. What type of relationship do you need with NFP and users to conduct your test?

    I need to keep in touch with the selected food delivery cyclists and also exploring new ideas from other deliverymen. I will also keep updating my progress with my NFP Transportation Alternative for ideas and suggestion.

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