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    'HeboPark' is a little a bit tricky when considering the designated users of the park itself. The different activity zones approach different age, preferences and ability users. It is also very crucial where the activity zones are located physically (neighborhoods with families, elder people, obesity problems, University campus, etc...). Therefore i have to consider the larger percentage of typical users in a specific area for testing the prototypes.

    The prototype i will be testing is the exercise pedaling equipment (might be called 'Hebop' - Human Energy Based Outdoor Pedaling....

    Location for first user testing-

    • Urban Parks - I am aiming at people that come to exercise in parks in present reality, when their energy depletes to the air... Urban parks have no "user limitations" to use the parks, but there are limitations for some of the facilities (age, height, escorting adult, etc.). I hope to learn what kind of limitations my product requires by observing users and trying to identify hazardous and dangerous possible usage / situations. I want to situate the prototype near a main trail in the park, so as people walking by i will see their reactions and curiosity - do they notice it? is it attractive for them so they want to try it? is it intimidating? get actual feedback regarding size, colors, texture (material) etc. from users but also from park goers - because even if they don't use it it becomes part of their landscape, and integration with nature is a major component in my design.

    I got permission from the department of parks and recreation in NYC to test it in central park, as long as i don't mount it to the ground...

    User profile for 1st prototype testing-

    I am concentrating mainly on students (18 and up) and people that routinely come to exercise after work in the afternoon.
    Because the park is a public place and my product is meant to attract different users, i will not limit my testing to the designated users, but will allow every one who wants to try it, maybe that way i will discover new potential users or think of certain adjustments that should be made in order to extend my potential users community.

    Time of testing-

    The Afternoon is the most suitable time (16:00 and later) - people are exercising after work, students are done with school, it starts to get dark so users will get to see the glowing feedback of the product responding to their effort.


    Two different phases-

    1st phase - i will present the product to some of the potential users and get real time feedback from watching them and from what they have to say...

    2nd phase - I will stand near by (like a park-goer), the product will have no instructions at all!!! and I'll watch what kind of people approach, use or just have interest in it.

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