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    My mission is to promote cultural awareness through home furniture design for urban dwellers in China.

    As China continues to modernize, the urbanization of its demographic and the emergence of a middle-class are in rapid process. The associated demand in city residential and interior furnishing are also surging. However according to research, more people now prefer western-style furniture over the traditional due partly to the influence of the media such as television, advertisment, etc, that provides exposure to the western world. The phenomenon of this is a decline in the appreciation for Chinese culture and history. The ubiquitous influence of contemporary design has been flooding the market and the traditional value of Chinese design is marginalized.

    The target audience of my design would be the new home buyers in cities. My objective is to eliminate the interpretation that modern living equals modern furniture. I want to instill pride and appreciation in the consumer by designing modern furniture that has Chinese traditional values. Furniture design is an area where personal involvement is always required to fully appreciate a product; personal experience is likely to create bonding. Through modern craftsmanship, forms, materials, and finishes, I would like to usher traditional Chinese aesthetics into the 21st century while keeping it practical, affordable, and functional. It is important for the user to be aware of their roots and understand China’s cultural identity, in this case through furniture design as a way of drawing the people back to the traditions of their culture and to provide recognizable furniture for their homes.

    “RE-MADE”is a system that provides a selection of individual Ming style furniture elements such as form, ornamentation and shapes, with a modern twist . Users can customize the design on a basic form of an ergonomic chair that is designed by re-made. They can simply choose and place the features on the base chair until they are satisfied with the end result. The customizable area also include colors and materials. They can choose the extent of how ‘Chinese’ their furniture will turn out to be and this will further enrich their appreciation towards Chinese traditions.

    For further explanations of my design concept, please click here

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