• User Testing – NFP


    Users for 1st test? I will be doing the first round of testing on members of my NFP, who are Chinese.

    What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype? I will be testing both the ergonomics as well as the aesthetics/design of my prototype. Therefore, I need two different types of users to conduct the test. I will select the group myself, and below are the specifications: Testing the design: because I am designing specifically for the Chinese in China, I need to conduct the user testing on Chinese people. However, I will not be able to travel to China to conduct the testing, so I need individuals (specifically Chinese) in the New York area who understand Chinese design, history, culture, and tastes. This group of individuals will be members of my NFP, and will remain the same for all three tests. Testing the ergonomics: I will test the ergonomics on individuals randomly selected in a public space (hence the group will be different for each test), as well as the above- mentioned members of my NFP.

    What type of environment will you test them in? Because I am designing home furniture, I will need to conduct the tests indoors, but not necessarily in a home. I will need a table in the space, and the user must feel relaxed and comfortable, almost as though they were at home. I do not have a definitive space; it will depend on where the members of my NFP are able and willing to meet with me, which may be their office.

    What type of relationship do you need with your NFP and users to conduct your test? My NFP ( the main person that I am in contact with) does not live in New York City, but she is helping me find people in New York that I will be able to conduct my test on. My other NFP (Chinese Institute in America) is still working on arranging a time for me to meet with someone who will be able to help me test my prototype. I have planned to contact my back-up NFP, Museum of Chinese in America again (they did not respond to me the first time). This time I will find someone in a higher position who may be more willing to help me.

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