• NFP User Testing


    1. Who will be the users for your 1st test? The staff at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center

    a. What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype? The first user testing group was chosen in place of my actual users because of the stage of feedback and stage my design and prototypes are at. To lessen trauma that can be inflicted by rough prototypes, my user testers for round one will help mediate what my actual users need for me to get ready for my second user testing.

    -Will they be selected randomly in a public place? No, in a controlled environment, (during a staff meeting, or between sessions, when therapists will have time to test and give feedback to the prototype.

    -Will they a controlled group selected by your NFP or yourself? My controlled group was chosen by both my NFP and myself. I proposed my idea of conducting my first testing with therapists at CVTC rather than the actual patients, and my NFP agreed.

    -If a control group, will you use them for all 3 tests? Yes and no. They’re feedback is important for all three user testings, but the second and third will also be conducted with my actual users. b. What type of environment will you test them in? I will not be present for the actual testings. Especially for the second and third round. Because my users are patients and are undergoing therapy, and healing, it would be inappropriate to be present in the testing, and could potentially change the actions and connection between my prototype and user.

    -What does the environment have to have (equipment, space requirements, etc) for you to conduct your test? My environment holds my users, and the users’ guides (therapists) to prevent negative triggers that may happen, and to gain more knowledge for prototype design feedback.

    -Have you found the space? If not, do you have leads for space that meets your requirements? Yes. It will be conducted in the offices of CVTC. c. Will you or someone else administer your test? My NFP representative and mediator Amie Karp and Michael White will conduct the user testing for me. We have a meeting set on Tuesday for me to explain the things that I need to learn, and what they should be looking for.

    1. What type of relationship do you need with NFP and users to conduct your test? The relationship needed between my NFP and myself is trust. I need to trust their decisions and their ability to recognize “hidden” meaning in the actions of the users.

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