• User Testing- Scenario


    Users for first test? My product targets the local Indian market, specifically the middle and upper class. My user group for the first test therefore, will be middle/upper class Indians (in India).

    What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype? I will select individuals to form a controlled group that I will use for all three tests. The group will consist of Indians in India, both men and women, who belong to the middle/upper class, and whom are settled in terms of their career and support themselves financially. I do not know them personally, but have access to them through one of my contacts in India.

    What type of environment will you test them in? I will test them in their own home in order to get a sense of their living environment and their taste, and perhaps get an idea of whether my design will be successful in this market.

    As I will not be able to travel to India to conduct the test, I have found someone in India who will be administering the tests. This individual will take photo and written documentation and send it back to me.

    What type of relationship do you need with your NFP and users to conduct your test? I am still working on establishing a relationship with an NFP. In terms of users, I do not need to have any sort of relationship with them- it would be best if I do not know them in order to get unbiased, objective feedback.

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