Community, Audio/Visual Design


    The building is togheder to the trains central station and close to interurban busses terminal, a hipper-connected zone.

    Highly comertial zone and enlaced between Santiago (capitol country) and the rest of the country.

    The owner change (actualy Correos de Chile) have been minimized its importance, joining to the forgotten building group from the city modern patrimony.

    The structural clarity and the estrategic location let us design this intermodal houses in santiago central station.

    No just will serve like a momentanean residence for who comes to do business and othe activities to the capitol, it will give us job space, gym and other for the inhabitants.

    They dispose in the inner of the building many wagons in diferents sizes and combinations, each double floor habe a “elevated street” whit the comun programme.

    The new building image, wagons, topiary and developments answer to the dynamics and modular image of the transport sistems.

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