• Status update

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Summary of the this week's activities-


    • Anna Rabinowitz - (Designer and instructor in Parsons) met her on Thursday in order to get an overall critique from someone that has never seen my project. emphasis was on user testing, feedback, production process and form.

    • Roy Schwartz - (Personal trainer - specialist in ergonomics and bio-mechanics) Met him on Tuesday in order to go over my design form, posture, handles, seating. Good feedbacks and detailing additions.

    • Dave Marin - approved the space and activity in the Senior show.


    • Extreme sports zone - I finalized the design of the ramp in order to match its design language to nature and to the bikes and the carousel. + found the mechanism needed (will be ordered from japan in few days - should arrive to the U.S in 2 weeks)

    • Playground - finalized the carousel design + mechanism needed.

    • 3 quotes + Solidworks files were sent to possible exercise bike manufacturers (CNC bending machines) - apparently my curves are too close to each other (no machine clamping areas...) so i will try to make a 'mass production' option too, in which straight areas are existing a long the tubes in between the bends.

    • Prototype material arrived today (Aluminum tubes). A working session is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

    Things that remained for this weekend until Monday:

    • Coordinate the laser cut machine for the park's model printing
    • Determine users (according to locations and activity zones - it varies...)
    • Determine details - seat connection, bolting to ground, activity zone feedback, detail the 'glow' feedback on the bikes.
    • Finish 3D modeling for the bikes details, carousel, ramp.

    set up a visit to one of the CNC tube bending manufacturers, sit with them and adjust my design in a way that it can be cheaply mass produced and not hand-bent or die cast(or even investment/sand cast - the finish will cost too much to bring it to market level...)

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