• NFP prototype testing


    Literacy Assistance Center 32 Broadway, 10th Floor New York, NY 10004 212/803-3352 (phone) 212/785-3685 (fax)

    What I expect from my prototype testing is to see if my illustrations are interpreted as I intended. If my illustrations are not interpreted in the way I designed, I will look at how differently they are interpreted and make an adjustment to the design of those illustrations based on the results. I will try to test my illustrations with as many people as possible, since this testing is all about to see how universal my illustrations are. In other words, the more people can correctly understand my illustrations, the more universal they are. Other than people from NFP, I will conduct user testing with other groups of people through different methods where I can get a large number of feedbacks in a short time period like online survey systems (Survey Monkey etc.) How I conduct my prototype testing is I will show NFP people my illustrations hiding text information to see if my illustrations work for them as a non-verbal communication system. In theory, my illustrations are supposed to be understood by looking at them. In the testing, I will keep track of how NFP people interpret my illustrations and if the result is not what I expect, I will ask them the reason why they misinterpret my illustrations. The other aspect of my prototype I want to test out is how all my illustrations are delivered. What challenging with my illustration is the fact that the room on the medication container where I can attach my illustrations is limited. I need to come up with the means of attaching multiple illustrations onto limited space without lose any information they are supposed to carry. In addition to asking about the meanings of my illustrations, I will ask them if the way my illustrations are delivered make sense or not. I think I have had really good relationship with NFP. They have been very supportive to my project. We are going to have a meeting for prototype testing sometime toward the end of this month (I am still negotiating with them on the exact date).

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