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    I have been working closely with a nonprofit organization named GRASP and the former executive director, Michael John Carley. He had introduced me an adult support group and a teenager’s support group within the organization. However, due to the high sensitivity of teenagers with Aspergers Syndrome, it seems hard to conduct a user testing directly on them. Therefore, my first prototype user testing will be conducted on teachers of Aspergers Syndrome. The teachers are the ones who teach them to learn their emotions, facial expressions and who understand the best about their circumstances and reactions at school. Also, they will know what is good or bad, and what is efficient or not for the students with Asergers Syndrome.

    The user testing will be focused on how this designed system can be used efficiently, how much it is helpful to the students, and how easier for teachers, students, and parents to use. The current special education teachers will first view and examine the designed program and compare with a current system. They will give feedbacks. Within two weeks, I’m planning to finalize the design and programming and then run the first prototype user testing on teachers of AS students.

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