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    Environment, Environmental Design

    My 1st charrette was phone conversation with Professor Diana Cox-Foster from the Pennsylvania State University, and then I had another meeting at her school for 2nd design charette.

    The interviews with Professor Diana Cox-Foster helped me to narrow down design possibilities. The most important problem of Colony Collapse Disorder is lack of our awareness and interest. People do not know about the issue in depth that we tend to ignore and lack reaction to it. Even though larger companies that consume honey such as Haagen-Dazs and Burt’s Bee are contributing to this problem with funds and advertisements, the public awareness on this issue is still very short. Also, despite those companies’ support on research programs, researchers still need more funds to solve this problem. Therefore, people have to think about this issue seriously and start to send letters to government to legislate this issue properly on a national level.

    As she commented, the major influence on the die-off of bees seems to be man-made pesticides, and it causes further problems because people are not knowledgeable about pesticides use. For instance, farmers’ pesticides package have information labels noting the damage to bees, but for homeowners’ pesticides, there are only household cautions concerning children and pets and no information on bees or pollinators. Education user of homeowner pesticides is thus, critical.

    The other ways of giving back to honeybees is to plant bee-friendly gardens at home or in the community for the public. Green roofs and windowsill gardens are other options that are easily adaptable by the general public. Nowadays, food sources for honeybees are decreasing due to industrialization and in order to have mutual benefits with each other, it is critical for us to give back their needs and help.

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