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    Well-being, Industrial Design

    **1 Name(s) and contact information for the NFP or user group you plan to use for your 1st prototype test**

    NFP: Transportation Alternative Who: Caroline Samponaro, Director of Bicycle Advocacy Phone: 212-629-8080 Email: Caroline@transalt.org

    **2 What aspect of your prototype you plan to test and how you plan to conduct the test**

    I am going to test out portability, material, volume, and ergonomic by mounting sketch models on my bicycle and also gather opinions from user groups. I will also mount the models on different kind of bicycle (city bike, mountain bike, and foldable bikes) to figure out the best position and way to finalize design on the product.

    **3 A description of how your current relationship w/NFP or user group supports using them to test your prototype**

    I am going to conduct user testing with both my NFP group and user group who are the food delivery cyclists. I have starting to ask opinions on my idea of food delivery bag from delivery people by introducing to them my concept and what will be included in the package. Caroline at Transportation Alternative was the person I contacted with last semester for information on Food delivery cyclists. I will arrange a meeting/ email her with my design for improvement and refinement.

    **4 The steps you will take during the next 2 weeks to conduct your test w/NFP or user group if your relationship does not currently support their willingness to participate in your test.**

    I have to get in a closer connection with my NFP group and also try to reach out to some restaurant owners. I feel to convince restaurant owner to join and be willing to participate in is very difficult. I will have to try contacting different restaurant to get the job done.

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