• User testing plan

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    **What aspect of your prototype you plan to test and how you plan to conduct the test**

    I’m planning to cut out many of my modular unions with an instruction for people to test out. I will be the one to observe and find out the strength and weakness of my design and adjust my design from the qualitative information I receive from people.

    There are many things that I have to adjust in my design, but for my design, I have to have real 3d prototype to test. I just cut out many pieces of my design blocks this weekend. Coming up an instruction for my user will be the next thing to do.

    I think will start to test from product students because they have a basic assembling knowledge.

    I will bring my small model and some of my modular blocks to different store to receive their feedback. This action will help me to have a better understanding about the real market. Here are the list of stores where I’m going to interview: Vitra, Design Within Reach and ABC carpet&home.

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