• NFP & User Testing

    Communication, Industrial Design

    NFP & User Testing


    My NFP are Cheryl Robbins (from Tribe-Asia) Cynthia Lawson (from Guatemala project) they have been really helpful on giving me really good feedback and suggestions.
    For March 2nd’s Mid Critiques Cynthia Lawson will be able to attend the critique. Cheryl Robbins lives in Taiwan, so she will not be able to attend the Mid-review.

    User Testing

    There are two directions in my thesis project right now. First idea will require children to fold and construct my paper loom and start weaving by using the product. Another idea will require more filed and market research on the product and see if it will be successful or not in the current market (internet survey, survey, consumers who visited design stores). I will conduct the user testing in the States.

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