• Design Brief

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Mission: My mission is to raise public awareness on Colony Collapse Disorder through a widely used product, which will eventually help prevent the disappearance of bees.

    NFP: I received response from the Pennsylvania State University Professor Diana Cox-Foster, who has done intensive research and investigation about this specific issue, CCD, and their works are published in many well-known magazines and documents.

    Location/ Context: The United States. Honeybees are critical to our agriculture system as they pollinate a full third of all U.S. crops, which are worth over $15 billion. However, the loss of honeybee colonies is still increasing and 36% of all U.S hives are dead now in 2008.

    Target Market: My immediate target market is general public, but my ultimate target is helping honeybees and farmers by increasing awareness on this issue.

    Age Group: No specific age group.

    Materials: The materials need to be biodegradable since my project is focused on creating suitable environment for honeybees.

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