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    Communication, Communication Design


    Over the break I’ve been doing lots of design concepts, knowing that the biggest issues in a relationship between couples is communication and trust. So, then I asked myself how would I design a product where the product could send out a message that can trigger users to communicate and interact with one another in a healthy relationship manner.

    Designing these two ideas I’m leaning towards something iconic, maybe with a slogan.
    One idea is this bag of chips, where the bag opens up to two openings and can be shared without any interruption of taking turns or clash when two users trying to grab chips out of the bag. Instead users would have their personal space of grabbing their chips while the possibility of hand contact in between the bottom of the chip bag.

    The other idea is to design a collection of sportswear with pocket slots that are meaningful placed onto the garments. And users will be able to use these pocket slots to show their affections, emotions depending on the users action of interacting with the pockets. These two concepts lead to the conjunction of ideas that can communicate the language of Self-identity and Romance through interactive design.

    I’ve also contacted many NFPs that have relations to my thesis but no organizations are interested working with a student at this moment and some just haven’t reply to my statements. And as of now, the day of the user testing I will have my prototypes ready for them to interact, and will be filmed and documented. I would probably make a clear package of the bag of chips as a prototype, so I could see how users interact with each other while eating the chips. On the other hand, for the sportswear collection, I will simply going to distribute t-shirts or crew necks to the users, and have them interacting with one another with cut out Velcro gloves. And that way I could see where the gloves are placed on to the garment when specific feelings are established between the user groups. While the users are interacting, I will study their motions corresponding their emotions.

    The latest contact List- (lovingday.org) (alternatives to marriage project) (polyamorous) (Fashion delivers) (Imago relationships) these are all New York based NFPs.

    Competition 1.Icebreakers cool mints 8ct vs. BAG of chips with 2 openings. -The icebreakers cool mints has two openings as well. On side says, “not to share” and therefore the opening is small and only for one user. On the other side where it says, “to share” has a big opening area of a semi circle. The product itself it’s a little plastic extruded circle shape and its design language is well communicated through communication design and packing design.

    -Where my 2in1 bag of chips will have the aesthetics of a regular bag of chips and function wise will remain the same as if it was a regular chip bag where you pinch the middle part of the bag and spread the sealed package apart. Where it is 50/50 of opening space and has the possibility of hand contacts in the bottom of the chip bag.

    2.hug shirt vs. pocket wear. -Hug shirt- high tech. -Pocket wear- sportswear with pocket slots that are iconic to make people wonder and curious enough to put their hands in and see what kind of intimacy would show through many different actions.

    For the next few weeks, I will have a legit NFP to work with and prototypes will be made in actual sizes for testing user group. Through user testing I will mold and shape my ideas and designs relations with my thesis.

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