• Where Craft and Design Intersect

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    Museum of Arts and Design Where Craft and Design Intersect

    Discussion with Chief Curator David McFadden, designer Suzanne Tick, artist Michele Oka Doner, and American Craft magazine’s Andrew Wagner

    In the recent years, Craft + Design product become really successful and created their own market. What’s the different between Craft and Design? Why did not craft do so well before? The main different between a craft person and a design person is a craft person cares a lot more on the material and process while a design person will cares more about the end goal of the product. Michele Oka Doner said, “Craft is not a none it is a verb.” Andrew Wagner also mentioned a lot of the designers only think and draw out the ideas, and did not prototype or build their ideas out. That’s where crafts come into place.

    Why is Design combine with Craft become so successful? Let’s compare them separately. Design, usually is a collaborations of multiple people while Craft is a one-man job. Design have great speakers, publishers, marketers to promote their products while Craft does not have it. What Craft have is amazing techniques. By combining the two it become a stronger category of its own.

    While the lines between Design, Art and Craft become really blurry these days, but when we start to critique the work, we still looked into professional design and craft’s techniques. Charles and Ray Eames chair is a mater piece of Art, Craft and Design.

    • While David McFadden and Andrew Wagner were talking, they pointed out a really interesting book called “The Craftsman” by Richard Sennett pointed out that Craft is everywhere, when you are revising a 3D drawings several times it is a kind of Craft as well.

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