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    I am currently working with Margaret Poggi, the head of the Learning Spring School, as well as a few other instructors at the school. Last semester I spoke to Melissa (head of occupational therapy) about user testing. She was open to the idea, but I still need to check in with Margaret to see if it would be okay with her. I am going to schedule a meeting with Melissa next week to discuss my prototypes and user testing. See the contact information below:

    The Learning Spring School Margaret Poggi, Head of School 254 West 29th Street, 4th floor New York, NY 10001 (212) 239-4926 mpoggi@learningspring.org

    Last semester I went in to an information/observation session with Jamie Pagliaro, principal of the New York Center for Autism Charter School. I have emailed him to see whether he would be open to allowing user testing. Here is his contact information:

    The New York Center for Autism Charter School Jamie Pagliaro 433 E 100th St. (in PS 50) New York, NY 10029 (212) 860-2960 jpagliaro@newyorkcenterforautism.com

    I am also working with Emily Day and Payal Panday, two students completing a doctorate in clinical psychology. I would like to speak to both of them about the ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) teaching method and how it can be used for my product. I have spoken with Emily, and will be calling Payal tomorrow. I do not want to put their telephone numbers up on the blog.

    In terms of testing, I plan to bring in my prototypes and see how students respond to them. As noted earlier, I will be using the ABA method to teach students how to use the prototypes. From my understanding at this point, everything is taught in slow steps. For example, first the students would be given the prototype to interact with, with no instruction. Once they were comfortable, the teacher would demonstrate how to wear the device. Next, they would demonstrate how it could be used. Each step is repeated until performed correctly, and then positively reinforced (with words and/or rewards).

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