• Assignments 02/02

    Communication, Industrial Design



    To empower migrant workers in China, to have ownership over their employment.

    Design Solution

    A visual infomation layout that will educate workers the importance of contract, and the basic knowledge for workers to avoid writing an invalid or unjust contract with hiring companies.


    • The design should be understandable by any workers at any educational level.
    • Workers understand how to read&use the device without explanation from others.
    • Information can be read and absorbed by workers at short amount of time. (will be define at user-testing result)

    NFP Relation

    A1: How does your concept compare with competition?

    Most of information wheels that record in the book of "Reinventing the Wheel" by Jessica Helfand, are using to show data. The benefits of the wheel is that it can layout many numbers follow by the form of circle, in another word, form follow by function. The disadvantage is that the infomation have to be in circular layout in order to have the max. of visible and readable surface area.

    Information wheel will be my solution. The difficult challenge is that all my infomation will be text format in stand of numbers and data. It is harder to fully use the max. of readable area, and be able to contains decent amount of infomation.

    A2: Obtain feedback from NFP/user groups.

    My NFP is in Hong Kong. They won't be able to attend any reivews.

    中國勞工通訊 China Labour Bulletin (Main NFP in China) official web site

    新事社會服務中心 (Backup NFP in Taiwan) official web site


    Design Decomposition o Graphic (body language, style, full-color or duo-color) o Slogan (direct message or indirect message) o Layout o Information* (six different type of infomation) o Size and shape o Possible quantity and cost

    Possible Concept Direction o Information wheel o Small size calendar o Public poster or shared format


    • By 2/13

      send prototype to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The goal is to understand what kind of wheel (infomation layout) and visual design (graphic art) that will attract to the workers. The visual graphic of prototype that will be send to Taiwan NFP will be modified due to the political concerns.

    • By 3/01

      User-testing feedback returns.(focus on design and visual) The feedback form will be made eclectically so my NFP can responses through internet. If possible, request images of user-testing from my NFP.

    • By 3/17

      Second user-testing prototype will be send. Conducting Chinese Chinese manufacturing for the cost of my design.

    • By 3/31

      User-testing feedback returns.

    • After 3/31

      Focus on design branding, and realistic solutions for distribution.

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