• NFP Contacts & User Testing Plans

    Aid, Industrial Design

    I have been in contact with Jessica Fanzo from Millennium Villages, a New York based organization. Jessica works is based in Kenya and works around the continent for the organization mainly involving in advocacy with governments, and help in the areas of nutrition, education, agriculture and water.

    Jessica forwarded my first set of questions to two of her colleagues, Margaret Wanjiku and Sharon Gordon. Margaret is a public sector specialist from Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and Sharon is an environmental specialist at the Millennium Development Goals Centres (MDG Centres) in Kenya. They are also both based in Africa.

    I am planning on conducting a user testing using school children. Each child would receive a different kind of holster to carry "the battery" (a unit with weight equivalent to the actual battery) and use it for a week. I have contacted The Little Red School House, Manhattan Country School and Rudolf Steiner School.

    I have not gotten any responses yet and I am in search for more schools. As soon as I hear a positive response, I will be meeting with the school representative to give a presentation to the children and start the testing. The testing will give results about the comfort, security and ergonomics of the designs which will later be analyzed.

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