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    Levana Digital Wireless Child Tracker (Age 2+) $89.99

    I ordered this child tracker to know how different between existing products and my thesis product.

    A receiver for a parent.

    • it is a portable size like a cell phone size.
    • It has a channel selection button to manage many children (maximum 4 children)
    • The 6 LED directional indicators show the direction where child is.
    • There is a power and warning range switch, it indicates the warning range is set at 16ft to 32ft.
    • It has a find button. When a parent press the find button, the child and the parent units will beep .

    A Transmitter for a child

    • It is simple.
    • It has a find button, power indicator, and a speaker.
    • When the child press the find button, the parent unit beeps to inform that the child is looking for his/her parents.
    • It beeps when the parent press the find button on the receiver


    Receiver for a parent

    • The directional indicator is not accurate. 3 blue LED indicators of 6 LED show the direction. (It should be one LED to show exact direction.)
    • The beep sound could be annoying. (It should have a vibration function)
    • The unit size is big. If the parent put this unit in his/her bag or pocket, it takes a little time to take it out when he/she needs it.
    • The unit belt clip is weak to hold. If the parent hangs the unit on his/her belt or pant, it could be losing because it is revolve.

    Transmitter for a child

    • The child can play with it (3 to 5 year old children are so curious.)
    • It is too big. (The child can be a target of kidnapping because people think he/she is rich or special)
    • The watch chain is easily removable. (Cutting by scissors or knifes)


    The functions that the receiver for a parent should have

    • Adding vibration function (the unit should be contact with his/her skin)
    • Small size
    • More accurate indicator

    The functions that the transmitter for a child should fix

    • Remove the find button function. (Playing)
    • It should not be easily removable. (Weak watch chain)
    • The unit should be hidden from people's eye (huge size for children)

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