• My Lists


    A. A list of what you want your thesis design to achieve

    B. An itemized list of what you will be presenting as your prototype.

    A. In keeping with proper disposal:

    • Educating what proper disposal is
    • Giving a means for the nurse to “teach” this to patient and family
    • Eliminating Contamination/Exposure to disease
    • Helping Nurse to more easily conduct proper care
    • Easily wearable for Nurse
    • Function informs Nurse of purpose (interface is most important)
    • This function is dedicated to remind Nurse of disposal procedure
    • Eliminating wasteful trucking fuel/costs/possible exposure
    • Raising awareness for the need of new technologies and procedures

    B. First User Testing Feb 4 at Cabrini House: Items being presented

    • Small, wearable nurse purse
    • Possible packaging options/educational guides
    • “Stickers” to easily indicate biohazard materials
    • One interface possibility that disposes of sharps safely

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