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    Recycle-a-Bicycle is a bicycle store that takes in donated bicycles and fixes them up for resale at a reasonable price. Their mission is to educate people on mechanics of bicycles and to get more people on the road using bicycles. They also provide workshops for people to fix up their own bicycles.

    I have contacted a worker by the name of Chris at their DUMBO location in Brooklyn. I am going to be going over there for a user testing of my temporary bicycle rack.

    Recycle-A-Bicycle 55 Washington Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone: 718-858-2972 Email: info (at) recycleabicycle (dot) org

    I plan on testing the ease of use of placing the bicycles on this rack.

    I plan on seeing how many bicycles can fit on the rack I have been designing. By using Recycle a Bicycle I can test out a variety of different sized bicycles.

    I plan on measuring the amount of space needed for my design. ie does it fit into a 13’x7’ space? (size of an average parking spot)

    I will try and ask people what they think of Valet Bike Service as they walk in and out of the store. Obtaining feedback from them with any ideas they might have.

    My first step in the design is to see if the two tier pole style will hold more bicycles than just one tier pole which is what is currently used at most bicycle valet parking.

    My NFP that I worked with last semester has not gotten back to me in a while. I will try to email them again after my user testing to show that I have been making progress and also showing them that I am not just relying on them being that they are a very busy company. I also hope to achieve a relationship with the NFP that I will be conducting the user testing with.

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