• NFP User Testing Plan


    1. I don’t really feel comfortable putting my NFP/FP personal contact information on a blog. I can give you their information if you ask me. I will be visiting Peggy Beirne at the Cabrini House this Wednesday, February 4.

    I have also recently received contact information for Nancy Gillman, the owner of Advance Care in New York. I plan to do user testing there because they are very happy to be able to work with me.

    1. For the testing at the Cabrini House, I’ve agreed to meet with Peggy Beirne and discuss my project further with her. She’s going to introduce me to the most helpful people for my project. I am going to leave my first prototype with her, which is a preliminary prototype so that I can get some basic information on what nurses like and don’t like. I will be focusing in prototyping class with PJ on Monday how I can make my prototype speak for itself when I am not there. Also just as important is how I can record information. Once my relationships have been developed further in both cases, I will try and figure out the best way to do user testing in my other two scenarios: nurse with patient, and patient.

    2. The Cabrini House deals with hospice care, but Peggy Beirne has worked in the VNS for many years and she has told me she will be able to put me in touch with nurses that practice aggressive care. These are the ones I plan to interview.

    3. Advance Care is a private company that has agreed to work with me and they deal with giving home IV care to patients (i.e aggressive care). Hopefully I will be able to conduct the second and third aspects of my user testing scenarios with them because they are more willing to ask patients to sign confidentiality agreements with me.

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