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    After much struggling with trying to find an organization that would work with the Guiyu E-waste issue in the aspect that I am, I've finally made a connection. I will be speaking with Ruediger Kuehr from StEP (Solving the E-waste Problem) on Thursday about my thesis and what my goals are. In his response email he told me that their organization is looking to work in Guiyu very soon which is what attracted him to my project.

    Prior to getting in contact with Mr.Kuehr, I was able to finally speak to Jim Puckett, one of the top people from BAN (Basel Action Network) which has a very high stake in the e-waste problem. I told him about what I was doing with my thesis and about how I wanted to provide protection to the workers, but he was very reluctant to be associated with such causes. I realized that many of the organizations I tried to work with ended up in failure because of the fact that taking the initiative to provide protection to these workers would give people the impression that their particular organization was in support of the problem, or that they would think the organization considered the protection a solution to the entire problem. Basically, they were concerned with the reputation of the organization and the impression they would give off. So he basically shot down my thesis.

    However, being my thesis, I continue to argue it. To go against what Jim said, that my "solution" may not be effective and would not really solve much I say this: You continue to say you are stopping the problem by campaigning against companies and governments to pass legislation to stop the transportation of e-waste from developed to underdeveloped countries, but how long will it take before changes actually occur? And in the meantime, while all of this campaigning is happening and coming to no avail for the next few years, what about these workers and children that must suffer the consequences? Are they to be left their to constant exposure to chemicals resulting in illness, birth defects, and even death? How many people will continually be harmed physically and internally until this is completely changed? To me, it seems a bit hypocritical.

    I also received a response from the ILO (International Labor Organization) and am looking to talking to China Labor Watch. It's funny that all of these organizations come up when the deadline for having an NFP is so near...

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    The World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association (WR3A) is a hands-on organization which uses a "Fair Trade" approach. Like Fair Trade Coffee, we acknowledge supply and demand and try to leverage the economics in order to pass benefits to the poor end of the stick. BAN completely rejects working with us, but we have had strong success in Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia etc. A video of our approach is available at youtube.com search WR3A.

    BAN's approach is A War on Drugs (they frighten reputable companies from trading and don't acknowledge the economics of the demand, so the buyers get even more crap buying from back alley recyclers in the USA). Even if it were effective, it would lead to more mining instead of recycling, and everyone including Jim Puckett acknowedges that the raw material mining industry in China is far more toxic and kills far more people per ton than recycling.

    Robin Ingenthron

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