1. Prototype to Test and Conducting the Test.

    After my recent meeting with my NFP,they really enjoyed the sketches and the sketch models that I brought for them. I cast more egg shells, few filled with silicone and covered, and few that were empty but covered with silicone. I videoed them destroying both types of prototypes, and they really enjoyed it!

    Now that few of my concepts have been vetoed, and were built upon for the next prototyping, the 1st user testing will consist of hollow egg shells covered in silicone. The users will crush them as a tension relief. A concept of throwing them against a material that will stick to the models will be created for the users to test different methods of relieving tension and frustration.

    1. My current relationship with my NFP is very supportive and friendly. We have an understanding that I need their help and they enjoy giving it. They are not only involved in the research and comprehension stage, but also involved in the designing stage. They are very excited about the progress of my project, and want to help until it is finished.

    2. My next step in conducting the user testing is to email them and schedule another meeting to drop off my prototypes. They will be supplied with about 24 eggs and a wall sheet for throwing. I will NOT stay to observe the testings of my project, Although there is no harm in asking, I know better than intrude in a therapy session. Because they have been with me through the design and research stage, they have become more observant in the actions their patients make. I will create a short survey for the user group to fill out on the design and outcome emotion of the prototype.

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