• Extended Research 4


    (Types of Therapy)

    Creative Therapies for Adults -projection, externalization and abreaction (using artistic expression) but contains much cognitive behavioral treatments. -role playing importance for attitudes change, to learn new behaviors and words for old ways of doing things.

    Relaxation Techniques: such as attention to physiological functions, such as breathing, muscular tonality, and heart rate. Resilience enhancement techniques, emphasizes creativity, humor, spontaneity, flexibility, and activity.

    (Art therapy, dance movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy)

    Description of Techniques Introduces a particular art medium such as painting, movement, role playing, or listening to or creating poetry or music. (working on methods to present the problem).

    Warm up exercises, color, lines, forms, patterns, and arrangement (the therapists read this).

    ART: picture of house before abuse began, picture of anger, or perception of her own body,

    MUSIC: produce improvised song concerning the impact of rape on her life,

    DANCE: depicting movements the feeling associated witha traumatic experience,

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