• Renewed Design Criteria


    Product Interaction: Encouraging Body movement: smaller body movements like using the hands, shifting body weight, encouraging fidgeting, prevents dissociation and panic attacks

    Intuitive interface: user interaction, curiosity, input output,

    Material: Relating to seeing the object Like imprinting, should encourage questions and curiosity.

    Qualities Transformable, malleable, body actions, breakable

    Design Interface and material should help express emotions through physical actions.

    Portable, helps relax the state of mind, change anger into something that is more functional and helpful.

    Anger does not always mean negative (violence, helplessness)

    SUDS scale: way to communicate to yourself or others how much distress you are experiencing, 11 points 0-10 (least to most distress) (but personal opinion, which is also backed up by NFP, the SUDS scale is not very helpful, asking a patient who has a hard time recognizing emotions grading themselves on a scale? It is inaccurate)

    EMDR: eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, form of psychotherapy to resolve symptoms resulting from distrubing and unresolved life experiences.

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