• Extended Research 2


    -"Most therapeutic approaches help clients find words to describe the fearful experiences they have undergone. Understand why these experiences remain so uncomfortably registered in their inner landscape, develop new mental and physical actions that are adaptive to current reality." pg 165.

    -"By including the body as a primary avenue in processing trauma therapists can work directly with sensation and movement to affect symptoms and promote change in the clients' cognition, emotions, belief system and capacity for relatedness." pg 165

    -"Top down interventions are employed to observe and support sensorimotor processing." (Interplay of physical sensations, movements, and impulses and to notice their internal reactions) pg 166.

    -Exploration and play are closely related pg 172.

    -Oscellation techniques involve directing client to repeatedly and mindfully orient back and forth between calm or resourced body areas, experiences, or sensations and areas of experiences that are painful or uncomfortable. pg 217

    PTG:post traumatic growth

    Ogden, Pat. Minton, Kekuni. Pain, Clare. Trauma and the Body: A sensorimotor approach to Psychotherapy.

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