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    An interesting project worth having a look at if you are interested in our Environmental Footprints: <br><br> "<a href="http://zerofootprint.net/">Zerofootprint</a> is a not-for-profit that combines the best financial engineering, environmental engineering, social networking tools and business intelligence to create products and services that help large corporations, organizations and individuals significantly reduce their environmental footprint." <br><br> "Zerofootprint started with an idea about ideas. If future generations blame us for not responding adequately to the converging crises of this century, it won’t be because we didn’t have any good ideas at our disposal. It will be because we didn’t do anything about them. <br><br> Zerofootprint’s mission is to change the world by helping people reduce their environmental footprint. Our goal is to provide a forum for the massive and growing, but mostly unconnected majority of people – whether they think of themselves as citizens or businesspeople, parents or consumers, activists or theorists—who want to do the right thing. <br><br> Action is impossible without information. We are forging a community where those who have it can share it with those who are looking for it, and where those who can offer direction will come into contact with those who need it. Zerofootprint: getting good ideas off the drawing board and into the world."

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