• Bosch & Fjord (DK)

    Education, Industrial Design


    This project creates and influences social interactions at the workplace, school and public spaces, using arts, architecture and interior design. <br><br> Bosch & Fjord create spaces where design challenges people and poses questions. The projects influence how people act and think, potentially changing the organisation, procedures and learning situations. Affecting existing structures, the projects can have thoroughgoing influence on people’s day-to-day lives. They break fixed habits and ingrained thinking and open up dialogue.
    <br><br> On the premise that everyone is different, thinks differently and learns differently in different situations, Bosch & Fjord have created a complete and challenging design at Ordrup School. Bosch & Fjord, working with SKUB, a school development and expansion project in Gentofte Municipality, has done away with traditional school interiors and instead created varied areas with room for differentiated teaching and creative thinking. Now there are raised window seats with a view of the outside world, green platforms with round red holes where discussions can percolate and large upholstered tubes where kids can hide with a good book or spend some time alone. See full article: <a href="http://www.socialdesignsite.com/index.php%3Fidcatside%3D90">Bosch & Fjord (DK)</a>

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