• The voting is driving me nuts!

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    There are 1133 entries for the Languages Matter poster competition. The current method require me to click 1133 times on the "next entry" link to be able to see everybody's work. It'd have been great if there were thumbnails of the entire set. I could then look at the poster which looks appealing and then vote for it. The current method is driving me nuts. If I stop voting today and continue tomorrow will I get to continue from the same list or will I get a new list!! Looks like I'll be clicking forever!!!

  • I a gree its hard to click 1133 time to see all enteris for Languages Matter poster

  • 20061214_pain_132_

    You are correct, it’s so much pain to keep clicking and look for the poster which you like the most and then vote. I completely agree with your idea of giving thumbnails. I could be just as we have in Google image search where in we have thumbnails of the images coming first. This could be of lots of help for the people who want to vote

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    I Agree

  • i would like to know if there will be somebody patient enough to go after 300.

  • Imagen_4_177_

    a system like the Launch Cooliris http://www.cooliris.com/product/ are the best way to see a lot of picture on a few seconds.

  • i agree with u............but i think i can help u...........i refered u 4 posters done by JERIN which are really good................plz if u can do a look on them.............its really good ................i voted for them.....i hope u may like it.............

  • a cooliris-like app would've be really cool.

    I don't think i can go through another set again. i just gave up after say 5 hours of clicking (in between work). I'd say I must've got to 600 i think. Even that wasn't indicated. I could not even get to my own entry :(

    I wonder how effective and correct the voting will be at this rate. Too bad! some of the entries were just too fabulous.

  • I did manage to get through all of the entries and it does pick up where you left off which is good. BUT it is very time consuming! Does anyone know if the votes casted on the SHARE blog count towards the votes for the competition or not. Or is the voting on the blog kind of like a high five to some ones design? I have friends that belong to Design21 and would like to vote but I wouldn't even want to go through all the designs. Feel free to check out my design called "Before the Sun Sets." Cheers.

  • LOL It took a loooong time but I finished going through all the posters!! Thumbnails would definitely be nice. Nice poster by the way.. very eye catching

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    Thank you Casey for the info. I'm glad it starts from where one left off. Now I think I'll re-start. All the best everybody.

  • Well, i´ve passed some real time in front of my screen and voted in 60 posters. But i begin looking/voting, stoped for a while, back to vote, stoped again, then vote once more...the first time i was at home, the second at office. It´s a boring task! If you could know, how many posters you ever saw, it ´d help. They could improve this voting method! But for me, what drives me mad, is that you can´t see in what poster you´ve voted!

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