• There is only one way to be born, but there are hundred ways to die.

    Well-being, Communication Design


    I was just thinking about something, abruptly “life” is come in to my mind. What is life…What you want from life… What you will get from life… and what would be the final stage.. and how it will be… these are the distressing factors which came in to my mind.

    What i understand so far is, when you born or at the time of birth.. there would be an extreme silence… you can visualize that… the complete silence… but in the course of life each and every person will struggle a lot to get a better life… yes every day we are aiming at a good future… that means every day is dying…we are looking at future…and dying every day… someone will become a good designer, someone will become a doctor, engineer, manager, priest…

    What is the final stage of all these…? The extreme silence…the complete blankness.

    When somebody is not ready to struggle… and not willing to live… and he doesn’t have any ambition to live… they are escaping from all these struggles and going to the extreme emptiness very early…

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