• Language Matter

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    In this visual, I have tried to show people of different geographical area in the form of puppets. I wanted to show that when we are born, our parents make sure that we should speak mother tongue.

    Once we start going to school, teachers make sure that we should learn other common language for effective communication. Then once we grow up, society makes sure that we should have control in our tongue. Being living or visiting different places, we make sure that we acquire other languages.

    Somehow everyone is connected with each other whether they don't have knowledge of other languages. We try to communicate through non-verbal languages. This is a system for communication. It helps in building friendships, culture, ties and economic relationships.

    Language is vehicle for expressing thoughts, perceptions, sentiments and values of a community. People from different countries can also help in breaking all kinds of barriers across culture, religion, area, etc.

    This visual can be used as a stamp.

    On Feb 21, which is International Mother Language Day, we can promote importance of languages in school, universities and society, etc by organizing puppet show.

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