• Languages Matter! "Before the Sun Sets"

    Education, Communication Design


    Hello everyone! Although I am an architect I really enjoyed coming up with a design and a concept for this poster. This is the first poster I have ever designed. I hope you like it!

    Concept-Before the Sun Sets

    Every day the sun sets the importance of protecting Mother Languages from disappearing forever grows stronger.

    My poster entitled "Before the Sun Sets" represents the struggle to maintain diverse cultural connections in a globalized world. Two hands reach out toward one another. One emerges out of the rings of light from a setting sun, representing a Mother Language that is on the brink of being forgotten forever. The other represents the people trying to save the Mother Language from the fate of other lost languages.

    The hands connect, but not completely. Together they cradle an abstract world. A void created between the hands, shaped like the silhouette of an hour glass, represents the notion of time. The meaning behind the UNESCO slogan "Language Matters! / Les langues, ├ža compte !" is strengthened by being placed within this void showing how urgent the issue of saving Mother Languages really is. While it is too late for some languages, it is not too late to reconnect with other Mother Languages. Time is of the essence!

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