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    Does anybody knows what is meant by the 550 x 550 pixel maximum image size, image that is required in the entry provisions? If the required dimensions for a poster is A3 (822 x 1191 pixels in 72 ppi ) how could we send a 550 x 550 pixels maximum image size, image ?

  • change the image side and then save as jpg

    or save for web option... on the windows go to dimentions and change the largest one to 550 px (the other change automatically the choose jpg and put quality 60%, it´s fine for me, and then just save.

    good luck !

  • make your poster in A3. scale it to a height of 550px at 72 DPI. there will be some excess space. put some neutral color like white so that your design is not affected. save this file in jpg format. Daniel's right too!

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    Thank you very very much Daniel and Jose

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    Thank you very very much!!

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