• Languages Matter! Entry No. 2

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Was in the mood to make another entry at the moment so decided to make this one entitled "Loud Speaker".

    Still running through pretty much the same concept only in a different approach.

    I made some subwoofer type art from tutorials I found on the net. To represent different nations, I used a silhouette of a man this type and masked flags of different nations on it.

    The person's bound to speak through the mic attached to the big speaker :P

    Basically that's the composition of the art ;)


    "Loud Speaker"

    Live Out Loud.

    Nations should rise up and simply be proud of their mother language. A solid definition of their culture and identity.

    As illustrated, I embodied the flags of different nations in a silhouette of a human being, ready to talk on the microphone and let the world hear their words.

    Languages Matter!

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