• words to give to the comforter to comfort their friends who need it


    I dont know what you are going through so i wont pretend i understand.what i understand is that you will need a friend to be there for you.If you need your space i will go---------- for you are not ready for a friend to lean on .But when you do i wil rush to you with my shoulders for you to cry on.I will try not to say things will be okay but take your hands and pray.Dear jesus help my friend you alone can we depend.

  • Dear JoyDorothy,

    Its nice to see other Jamaicans signing up at Design 21. I agree with every thing you just said. Sometimes when people are grieving or going through a touch time less words might be better. Better yet, directing such a person to Jesus for His peace that surpasses all understanding may be just what that person needs. Way to go JoyDorothy. Lydia

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