• does objective beauty exists in graphic design?


    A month ago we had a disagreement with one of our professors about objectivity in graphics design.His opinion was that there is objective beauty in arts and only somebody who has the knowledge can judje if a piece of art is beutiful or not.But we kept saying that beauty is subjective and even the one with knowledge can judge the technical part but not the esthetic. Esthetic is different for everyone.Which side are you on boys????

  • I think that maybe there are some rules of what we can call beauty. But I doubt a bit of them. What I see people doing and liking now is much different from what it was before. And we cannot say it was ugly before or that is ugly now. Maybe to say that something is beauty and make the others believe that what you say is true makes part of the “specialist image”. Compare like this: as only doctors can say what sickness is only an expert in arts can say what art is and what beauty is… and so on.

  • I definitely agree with you. I think in art there is a right way and a wrong way to do things -- we all have to learn technique, but I don’t think that technique creates beauty. Many of the most beautiful pieces of art (in my eyes, anyway) are ones that “break the rules.” Everyone appreciates art differently, so I can’t imagine there ever being an objective way to evaluate art.

  • I believe that each one can define beauty as per their perception. To perceive anything one doesn't need to be literate or professional in that discipline.

  • i agree with all you people. everyone has their own beauty criteria

  • thank god there is enough people to agree with me. I was outraged to hear that beauty can be judged only by those who have specific knowledge on art!

  • let's put it this way: Not every foodcritique can cook as good as chef right?

  • It completely depends on the purpose of the art piece you are a making. We normally refer graphic design to commercial design or communication design which serves a purpose or goal. So lets not mix art and graphic design together. If your teacher is talking about graphic design in specific then yes there is a great level of objectivity involved whereas on the other hand if its about art without a purpose except for fulfilling artists own creative desires then its completely subjective. However I personally believe that an artist should create some balance between subjectivity and objectivity both, otherwise I really don't see any point in wasting natural resources just for the sake of art....its a matter of responsibility.

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