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    Hi Christian. I m Thierry and i live in Mexico city... Well, i kept thinking about your article. I do not think it is the Whole world...As a consultant for crafts and artisanal designs i sometimes get impresed by the strong identity of things in latin america..I feel the same as you describe...is it necessary ? A lot of people still live in condition totally diferent than mine , not only poverty but the way they live, buy, use materials, cook, garden, etc maybe thing we do not value the same way in developed and satured countries.. That world uniformization afraids me sometimes...the other day I was in Beyrouth..and the old city center is like an airport Mall.. and i was thinking about Lebanon and what people feel about the city they live in..the wars they lived all those past years.The city soul...became a mall..a mall like in any country in the world....i wanted to have a cafe there and i felt so strange that i went back to the other city..the one with bullets traces on the walls...

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