• emotional inteligence is boost to be brainstorming?



    Hi.. I would like to know about my experience which is confused to determine disease or improve creativity&litheral thinking. I want to change my mind& my conmunity to be peaceful &developed then my brain was working very fast&I don,t afraid to do &solve problem between my partners&my comunity. I also choose a book at BKK air port bookshop...it is "emotional intelligence",I never read such type of book but my choice is very pleased to my mind. I could solve the problems,I asked &got consultancy from a Man(he is a 1st author (translation)of litheral thinking&orthopedic surgeon....contribute your new idea to your comunity,not a disease and it is new idea generating. it is what he explained about me. I also love to create&build buildings,creating logos&design. I am not an architect but I can made comtempory design for residential &I made design&build for 5residences & some people offer to make design for their residence. I also want to be a real entrepreneur..like Sir Richard Bransin (Virgin Group leader)...but not same idea to do business. I always do the business in different ways not follow others peoples . I do not afraid to do in all but I never want to give trouble for others. please..someone who feeling like me ...give me advice for me. thanks for patience reading my post in Bad english.

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