• Winter 2008 Contract


    My mission during the winter break is to narrow down a final concept ideation. In order for my project to progress, I must continue research on the types of therapy exercises conducted, and understand my target audiences’ needs during healing time. It is also important for me to continue building my relationship with St. Luke’s Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center in order to get an understanding of individual professional experiences, and receive access to the adult survivors of childhood sexual assault.


    • Continuous research on the different types of therapies that exist to address the different needs of individual victims.

    • Research into exercises that help survivors cope during and outside of therapy is also important in order to understand existing designs and practices.

    • I will watch more documentaries revolving around trauma healing and read more books on understanding my target audience’s need.

    • Looking into different types of trauma rather than just sexual abuse.

    • Finishing the book Trauma and Recovery is also important because it contains research regarding specific cases and argues to find a medium to trauma recovery, which does not exist.

    Design Information:

    • Creating a map of all the stakeholders involved in my project and the problems that revolve around it.

    • A map of therapy processes and a placement of my project within will help clarify that I do NOT see my project as a BIG solution to a big problem, but just a PART of a solution in helping a big problem.

    • Continuously find better ways in organizing my booklet, information, and mission statement.

    NFP Relations:

    • I will continue to build on our relationship to ensure that I am working on the project and that their reference is soon needed.

    • Bring design sketches and few sketch models for CVTC to look at and critique.

    Design Concept:

    • Incorporate all the feed back into redesigning the form or even the concept.

    • Make models to understand form

    • Begin casting in few different materials to understand the different feelings it provokes.

    • Look into different materials that can be used to better understand my project.

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