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    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Given in the following pages are the initial outline plans for a Private enterprise in the fertile plains of North Bihar (in the 14 districts of North Bihar); the main aim of which would be to enhance the food security of India in its own small way. The enterprise would be submitted to the Divine (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- Founder of the ‘Art of Living’) and the large amount of funds required for an enterprise on such a large scale would be procured through Venture Capital. The ‘Core Team’ of the enterprise would comprise of chosen devotees of Gurudev (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) who send their emails at bpfp@rediffmail.com by 01 Dec 2009. The earliest this enterprise can begin would be by 13 May 2010. Barring the aim; all aspects presently felt proper for the enterprise are flexible and could change at any time, in order achieve the aim of the enterprise effectively.


    • The farmers in the villages (of 14 districts) in the plains of North Bihar would be encouraged (inspired) by courses of the ‘Art of Living’ to raise their own Food Processing Units (FPUs) by the enterprise. The locals in the area would be given guidance and assistance for raising their own FPUs. • A number of ‘Food Parks’ of the enterprise would be raised in identified (flood free) areas of North Bihar to coordinate the Packaging, Storage, and Marketing of the products of the FPUs of the locals in the area for decided profit percentages. • The HQ of the enterprise would be located in another (suitable) city in India – like Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore etc… • The Marketing would be coordinated over Internet.


    • The Vehicles of a ‘Food Park’ would collect the produce prepared in the FPUs in the villages in North Bihar within a radius of around 50 Km (or 100 Km or more…) around it, and get them for packaging in the Food Park along with the representatives of the FPU. • The villagers would prepare items like ‘Sattu’, ‘Daliya’, Cornflakes, Chips and Sauces of all types, Soft Drinks including Fruit Juices, and other products (like of ‘Makhana’, ‘Singhada’ etc). • The staff in the ‘Food Parks’ would provide guidance and assistance to interested locals in the 14 districts in North Bihar regarding the Licensing and Registration of their FPUs, and regarding how exactly to execute the operations of their FPUs. • Interested (deserving, motivated) villagers could be given financial assistance on researched Legal terms after the necessary background checks (due diligence…) • All activity would be computerised, and detailed Legal systems evolved. • The ‘Food Parks’ would be raised in suitable (flood free) areas revealed after Satellite Photo Analysis and study of the history of the area on the ground. • The staff of a ‘Food Park’ would get their payments credited into their nearest (or desired) bank account by the HQ of the enterprise, located in another (suitable) city in India – like Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore etc… • The staff of a ‘Food Park’ would stay within the premises of the ‘Food Park’. All arrangements for their Accommodation, Messing, Medical, Recreation and Security needs would be catered for; within the premises.
    • They would (initially) all be Males, and their Leave and other entitlements would be duly researched. • A ‘Food Park’ will have all infrastructure for Packaging, Storage and Marketing of the (locally prepared) products of the FPUs – being carried out for decided profit percentages – in North Bihar; notably the suitable Godowns, Transport, Accommodation, and Security. • For procuring the large amount of funds necessary for the enterprise through Venture Capital ($ 10 Million to $ 50 Million – Rs 50 Crore to Rs 250 Crore); and to establish the viability of marketing processed food products over Internet from North Bihar, a profit-making FPU (Marketing of its products being coordinated over Internet) would be operated over three yrs from my house in Madhubani city in North Bihar.


    • Brigadier Ashok Kumar Bali (Presently 55 yrs). Brigadier Ashok Kumar Bali has completed more than 30 yrs of active service in the Indian Army and would be retiring from service by Jul 2009. He has an MBA in Marketing (3 yrs) from Devi Ahilya University in Indore and another degree in Management from Osmania University in Hyderabad. He would be the Chairman/President of the enterprise. • Me, Major Arun Kumar Jha (Presently 37 yrs). I am originally from a village in Madhubani district of North Bihar though born and brought up in Lonavla in Pune district of Maharashtra. My (late) father after completing his MA, PhD in Sanskrit in 1969 had moved to work in the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute in Lonavla and I was born in Lonavla in Jul 1971. I have completed more than 16 yrs of active service in the Indian Army and served under Brigadier Ashok Kumar Bali in 2006. My details are given below, separately. I would be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the enterprise. • Three (maximum five) suitable Male devotees of Gurudev (between 30 to 45 yrs). They would all be contributing Rs 10 Lakh each, and giving their full time and energy towards the operations of the enterprise. They would all be physically fit, and conversant in at least the Hindi language.


    • Brigadier Ashok Kumar Bali and I (Major Arun Kumar Jha) would contribute Rs 10 Lakh each towards the Corpus Fund of the project/enterprise. • Some (preferably five or even lesser number of healthy, male) devotees of Gurudev of the acceptable AGE bracket of 30 to 45 yrs – who would all be contributing Rs 10 Lakh each for this enterprise – would also be in the ‘Core Team’ of this enterprise. • Along with the possible loans, the minimum working capital available for the first FPU of the project would be around Rs 70 Lakh. • I am Confident that I can myself procure the desired Venture Capital of the manageable amount from Venture Capitalists for these plans after profit-making operations of the first FPU in Madhubani city over three yrs.


    • I had sent a draft copy these plans (in its earlier form) to the office of the President of India and they have been acknowledged to me over Email. • I am a serving Officer of the Indian Army; and have not completed the mandatory 20 yrs of physical service. • The President of India is empowered to sanction my (premature) release with Pension (of 20 yrs of completed service) at any time felt proper by him/her. • I am trying to secure my premature release (with Pension for having completed the mandatory 20 yrs of physical service) from the office of the President of India at the earliest (by 01 Dec 2009). • Otherwise, I would be completing 20 yrs of service by 13 June 2012; but by then a lot of TIME would have passed…circumstances would have changed…etc • I want to ensure proper planning from all sides…So, Pension would obviously be a necessary aspect; because “If you Fail to Plan; You are Planning to Fail”


    I am Major Arun Kumar Jha, 37 yrs; presently a serving officer in the Intelligence Corps (MI) of the Indian Army. My father expired (unexpectedly) on 12 Aug 2008. He has left me, his only son, with a house in Talegaon Dabhade (near Pune) in Maharashtra; a house in Madhubani city in North Bihar; and a house in village Babu Pali in Madhubani district of North Bihar besides around 2 to 3 Acres of agricultural land and around 20 to 30 Mango trees in village Babu Pali in Madhubani district. I was born in Lonavla in Jul 1971, and studied in Don Bosco, Lonavla and in Fergusson College, Pune before going for my Military training. We have, however, maintained contact with our village and with our property in our village. The construction of the house in Madhubani city was completed in Apr 2004. I know Maithili (the language spoken predominantly in North Bihar) and speak in that language in my house.

    I have survived a SEVERE Head Injury in Nov 1993 in which I was in Coma for 20 days because my skull was fractured in 23 places (in a Road Traffic Accident while undergoing a Military Course). I have presently lost most of the hair on my head and the scars (due to the Head Injury) are glaringly visible. Besides, in March 2007, my Shoulder was also dislocated following a seizure I had due to the Head Injury (in Nov 1993). I have also undergone Lumbar Laminectomy L4 – L5 (removal of my L4 – L5 vertebra) on 30 May 2007 and the PAIN increases in the winters. I had my last seizure on 03 Nov 2008. However, I retain all my faculties including my memory and facility in the English, Hindi, Maithili and Marathi languages. My Medical condition is NO CAUSE FOR WORRY. My spirit (and motivation) is intact. Problems, everyone has. I am not responsible for even my being alive! (Like everyone else…). Totally surrendering myself to the Divine; I hope to continue doing what I feel a person in my situation should ideally do. (What Gurudev would have done, had he been in my place). I simply have to keep taking the prescribed anti-epileptic drugs, and have a seizure free period of around three yrs. I did not have any seizure for more than Four yrs (from 26 Jan 2002 to 12 Oct 2006). Physically, I feel fully FIT, and am confident that I am capable of executing these plans DESTINED to be routed through me.

    On my FAMILY front; I am married with a healthy wife (36 yrs, from Madhubani district) and two healthy children (male, female both below 10 yrs); and Mother (61 yrs) to support. Viewed dispassionately, (with Drshta-Bhaav) all these facts concerning me would convince anybody – as they convince me – that I am THE PERSON who should be doing what I am doing!

    BPFP stands for Babu Pali Food Park, which would be the names by which all the ‘Food Parks’ in North Bihar would be called. The name of the enterprise would be the ‘BPFP Enterprises’. THE ELEMENT OF FAITH

    Though many events (accidents, ill health, family problems etc) are possible with me and all those involved in this Project (enterprise) till this enterprise materialises in its entirety; I am confident that nothing will happen to me and those involved in the enterprise till that time since the INTENTION would be NOBLE. I am simply waiting for the (destined) people who would form the ‘Core Team’ of the enterprise to contact me at bpfp@rediffmail.com at the earliest, but before 01 Dec 2009.


    The most important aspect behind this enterprise (as in any other enterprise) would be the Faith that it is going to succeed. So, it would be necessary for all Healthy Indian Males between 30 to 45 yrs (related to Gurudev) who would form the ‘Core Team’ of the enterprise to have the faith that it is going to succeed, and that the grace of Gurudev is with the enterprise.

    As per the prevalent rules regarding loans for SMEs in the Food Processing Sector (of 70%), the contribution of Rs 10 Lakh per member of the ‘Core Team’ would mean the actual contribution of Rs 17 Lakh. So, presently, a guaranteed sum of Rs 34 Lakh is available for this enterprise. Minimum three (maximum five) more reliable members of the ‘Core Team’ are being sought from the fraternity of the ‘Art of Living’ till 31 Dec 2008. After that, if interested volunteers do not become available from the fraternity, this membership will be opened for the general public who could contribute the Rs 10 Lakh and join the ‘Core Tem’. The minimum sum available for this enterprise has been assumed to be Rs 70 Lakh. A minimum guaranteed sum (of Rs 20 Lakh would be set aside from this amount to cater for the monthly payments to the members of the ‘Core Team’. (Rs 10,000/- per month means Rs 1, 20000/- per year). So, a sum of Rs 3, 60000/- per member of the ‘Core Team’ would be set aside from the beginning. Profits made by the enterprise would be utilised to fund the activities of the enterprise over the three yrs till the Venture Capital for the final plans of the enterprise is received. What will be necessary for the devotees of Gurudev will be taking the ‘leap of faith’ and devote their hard earned money, and Time of three yrs for this enterprise.


    An individual member of the ‘Core Team’ would have contributed Rs 10 Lakh towards the enterprise. Two guaranteed members of the ‘Core Team’ would be Brigadier Ashok Kumar Bali (55 yrs presently) and me Major Arun Kumar Jha (37 yrs presently). Loans of 70% are possible for starting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in India. So, Rs 34 Lakh is presently available for the enterprise. Minimum three more members are required for the ‘Core Team’ for this planned enterprise to start its first step of proving the viability of Marketing of processed Food Products over Internet from North Bihar, and procuring the Venture Capital of the required amount for the first BPFP in Madhubani district of North Bihar. An individual member of the ‘Core Team’ would be contributing Rs 10 Lakh towards the enterprise, and would get Rs 10,000/- per month for the three yrs till the Venture Capital is procured. A minimum of three (destined) devotees of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are awaited for this enterprise.

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