• 12-01-08 Presentation Evaluation (Part II)



    My thesis topic was well-received at the critique last Monday. They seemed very enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the outcome of my project. They particularly liked my logo and graphics, as well as the title of my project, barkode. However there are still many things I need to work out first.

    I need to narrow my topic down. Right now, I am still trying to do too many things at the same time. As a result, I have not found a true solution that will help me reach my mission, which is to encourage more pet owners to evacuate during a disaster and prevent the loss of a pet during a disaster.

    There are a several directions I should consider,

    1) Tracking system

     A more secure way to track the location of pets with low tech (in order to cater to low-income households)

    2) Pet evacuation and transportation unit/system

     A safer way to transport pets, especially in the case where an owner has more than one pet.  One critic suggested the idea of using a hand carrier that is disguised as a high-end luxury good to "sneak" smaller animals into places.

    3) A top down crisis management plan

    A thorough guide that considers all possible scenarios, designed to intervene at different stages of the disaster. (i.e. If plan A fails, go to plan B. If plan B cannot be executed, go to plan C. If plans A, B, and C fail, go to plan D.)

    Once I have narrowed it down, I should go back to where I have left off and continue working on a) technological details, and b) tangible products

    There are also other factors that I have yet to include, such as, a) Distribution How can the lower-income household have access to this? Is it through a veterinarian or a pet store? Or is it a local library rental system?

    As for my NFP, a) I have to continue contacting other smaller NFP's b) keep contacting existing ones to further develop a relationship c) CHARRETTE!

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