• Presentation Review

    Education, Communication Design


    People suggestions :

    1.The product should be used in public places 2.The NFP doesn’t appropriate with thesis issues

    1. Need to find a traditional family to get the data
    2. Display more ideas
    3. Get into details when presenting research
    4. Should just focus on traditional parents without children
    5. Try to merge ideas
    6. Traditional parents need to know other people in order to open their mind
    7. interaction activity should focus on parent with parent

    After mid term review I have notice that it is difficult to change traditional parent thought and activity at home. It has to use public places where they will consider their reputation doing appropriated activities. I really have to focus on school meeting that is existence value to add design ideas. Traditional parents need to know different education and communication perspective from other parents as well. It may make them think in different way in order to look their children in different way. The best benefit is can build relationship with other parents, so they can share and discuss children education and communication each other after school meeting.

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