• The summary of the mid-term review



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    Looking back at the mid-term review, I feel like I am on the right track at this point in the thesis project. However, the review reveals that my project's weekest point is the way of applying the icons. Some reviewers said that my project fall into "communication design" but "product design". The next thing I really have to tackle would be to come up with the nice way to apply my icons in relation to product dsign. I received very helpful feedbacks which should lead me to the next step. I have gone through every comment and summed up them. The followings are the summary of the comments.

    •The icons are well designed but the application of the icons needs to be more developed. •Transform “communication design” into “product design”. • “Make you sleepy icon” seems still confusing. •Need to get closer to users. •Testing the icons with real users to see how they work. •Icons can be applied to over-the-counter products too? •Think about cultural difference in communication. (interpretation of icons may differ from culture to culture.) •Research on existing projects. (there are some addressing the similar issue out there) •Design packaging as well as graphics. •Compare icons I designed and existing icons by putting side by side for clear differentiation. •Think about the location of the icons in relation to ergonomics. (how people open a bottle?) •Need more different icons •Research on linguistics to develop icons. •Think about materials. •Spell Check.

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